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READING ALOUD is an insightful and fun podcast where a couple of creatives, Marisol and Adam Colette, engage each-other in a variety of topics through quirky and intuitive conversation. Providing insight into how they communicate, navigate and thrive through married life.

Nov 7, 2019

In this episode, Marisol and Adam talk about sex. They discuss how they learned about sex, how they current relate to sex, and how they would approach talking to a teen about sex. It's sexy, tune in. 

Oct 24, 2019

In this episode. Marisol and Adam talk about how positive reinforcement and a focus on cultivating healthy attributes works better as a long term game-plan for not getting a divorce than criticism and fixing problems. 

Oct 10, 2019

If you wanna hear Adam singing Alanis Morissette, tune in - need we say more? Also they talk about how their professional work interacts in their relationship. Check it out! 

Sep 26, 2019

Arguments happen. It's simply a part of being in relationship. But can "fighting" actually help move your relationship forward? It is possible to experience growth while experiencing the pain of conflict with your partner. In this episode, Marisol and Adam explore how, since returning from sabbatical, they have...

Sep 12, 2019

First off, Marisol has small toes and Adam has one that is longer than any of the others, and it's not the one you might expect. Second, Marisol geeks out about the true meaning of shopping (trust us, it's deep!) and how Adam may or may not be better at it than her - and it's her JOB! Enjoy mindless entertainment that...